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91X Click Picks

Here's your chance to make your suggestion about what we'll play soon on 91X! Below is a list of twelve random songs from our music library. Submit your favorite song from the list and we'll tell you when to expect you'll hear your selection.

Repeat submissions to Click Picks are limited, to allow everyone to have a chance for input.

Pick your favorite of these 12 songs
  Artist Song Title
Calendar for Preston Simply Envy
Strokes, The Hard to Explain
Anthony D'Amato Was A Time
Chvrches Gun
Lynch, David Good Day Today
The Chain Gang of 1974 Sleepwalking
Chevelle Panic Prone
Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know?
Beck Scarecrow
KNTRLR The Great Filter
Swell Daze Simple Fix
Olms, The Someone Else's Girl

Thursday, April 2, 2015