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"Song Title"
Album Title

12:43 a.m.
Counting Crows
"Hangin Around"
This Desert Life

12:39 a.m.
Martha Berner
"Good Company"
This Side of Yesterday

12:33 a.m.
Howie Day
"Perfect Time of Day"
Stop all the World Now

12:28 a.m.
"Out of Exile"
Out of Exile

12:24 a.m.
"The Threshingfloor"
The Threshingfloor

12:20 a.m.
Boy on a Bike
Don't Remind Me I'm Dying

12:17 a.m.
This Day and Age
"Second Place Victory"
Always Leave the Ground

12:14 a.m.
Ryan and The Cardinals Adams
"The Hardest Part"
Jacksonville City Nights

12:10 a.m.
The Silver Lining
"Well Dressed Blues"
Well Dressed Blues

12:07 a.m.
"A Letter from Janell"
Bone Palace Ballet

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