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"Song Title"
Album Title

05:50 a.m.
Empire! Empire!
"A Keepsake"
You Will Soon Be Forgotten

05:46 a.m.
"The Great Filter"
The Great Filter

05:43 a.m.
Surf Rock Is Dead

05:39 a.m.
Beyond Me
"After All"
Beyond Me

05:35 a.m.
"Sirens in the Deep Sea"
Secrets are Sinister

05:32 a.m.
Father John Misty
"Chateau Lobby #4"
I Love You, Honeybear

05:28 a.m.
Silver Firs
EP 1-3

05:26 a.m.
Green Day
"Nice Guys Finish Last"

05:21 a.m.
Matt Bauer
"It Knows Not What it Is"
Dream's End

05:18 a.m.
Olympic Hopefuls
The Fuses Refuse to Burn

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