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"Song Title"
Album Title

3:09 p.m.
"The Ding Jerry Do from the Deep Da"
You Will Hate This

3:06 p.m.
VHS or Beta
"Burn it all Down"
Bring on the Comets

3:03 p.m.
Crimes of Passion

2:59 p.m.
Pick Me Up

2:56 p.m.
The Cooper Temple Clause
"Promises, Promises"
Kick Up the Fire and Let the Flames

2:53 p.m.
Male Bonding
"Qame the Sun"
Endless Now

2:49 p.m.
American Hi-Fi
"Safer on the Outside"
American Hi-Fi

2:46 p.m.
The Space Merchants
"Mainline The Sun"
The Space Merchants

2:42 p.m.
"The Only Thing that Matters"
Better than Knowing Where You Are

2:39 p.m.
Potty Mouth
"Creeper Weed"
Potty Mouth EP

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