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91X Station Statistics

This legal and technical information lets you know a little bit about how the 91X over-the-air signal gets out to our audience. In contrast to most college radio stations, we enjoy a rather large coverage area and potential audience.

Our strong broadcast signal allows us to cater to the entire northeast Louisiana region as well as to the ULM campus community. Approximately 212,000 people live in the 2,250 square miles covered by 91X's urban grade signal. We have many listeners outside of this urban area as well.

License and Technical Information
Licensee University of Louisiana at Monroe
City of License Monroe, Louisiana
Call Letters KXUL (formerly KNLU)
Frequency 91.1 MHz (FM)
Channel 216C2 (Main), 216A (Backup)
On-Air Date May 9, 1973
Main Transmitter
Effective Radiated Power 8,500 Watts
Height Above Average Terrain 716 Feet
Transmitter Coordinates 32° 39' 38" N, 91° 59' 28" W
Urban Grade Radius (60 dBu) 26.5 Miles
Rural Grade Radius (54 dBu) 39.4 Miles
Backup Transmitter
Effective Radiated Power 3,000 Watts
Height Above Average Terrain 159 Feet
Transmitter Coordinates 32° 31' 37" N, 92° 04' 22" W
Urban Grade Radius (60 dBu) 10.5 Miles
Rural Grade Radius (54 dBu) 14.7 Miles

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